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Position: Director

Address: 1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre, 63 Studland Road, Northampton, NN2 6NE

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Fire Safety Products

Means of Escape Fire Safety Audit Guide

MEANS OF ESCAPE has designed a Guide to Basic Fire Risk Assessment following demand from owners and managers to better u...

£9.95 + P&P

Assembly Point Lollipop Sign

Price includes carrier bag and delivery

£95.00 + P&P

Means of Escape Pocket Guides

It is essential in a work place that every employer ensures that his or her employees receive suitable and sufficient tr...

£7.00 + P&P

Means of Escape Fire Safety & First Aider Jerkins

"The effective and efficient evacuation of premises in an emergency is the responsibility of the designated fire personn...

£9.95 + P&P

Evacuation 'A' Boards

Evacuations need to be carried out quickly and efficiently, to ensure everyone in the building reaches safety within goo...

£15.00 + P&P