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Geofire is a UK manufacturer of fire door holders and closers with over 40 years’ experience. The product range includes traditional hard-wired and innovative wire-free solutions.

Geofire’s hard-wired range of fire door devices are ideal for new builds, as they are wired into the control panel and connected to the building’s fire detection system.

The Agrippa wire-free, fire door holders and closers offer an alternative, battery-powered solution. The devices ‘listen and learn’ the sound of the  fire alarm, closing the door upon hearing the pre-recorded sound of the alarm.

The Agrippa devices are easily installed at the top of the fire door to hold the door open, easing access and increasing ventilation. The fire door closers allow the door to be open in any position. If the fire alarm sounds, the holder or closer will release the fire door preventing the spread of smoke and flames.

Geofire’s radio controlled Salamander products are wire-free and suitable for BS7273-4 critical actuation (category A). The Salamander products are triggered by radio waves from a central controller connected to the existing fire panel. Each fire door holder and closer connects wirelessly to minimise disruption to the building.

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