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One enthusiastic manufacturing company has a burning desire to protect people and properties, facilitating the most efficient means of escape when fire breaks out in buildings. That company is Envirograf®. Every risk is considered when designing its passive fire protection products, and this has resulted in an extensive range of products to suit most scenarios. Custom products can also be produced quickly, in response to customer requests. This flexibility has allowed the company to grow steadily since its inception in 1983. Initially, Envirograf® was serving only the UK marketplace, but it is now represented in many areas of the world, working with enthusiastic associates to develop new markets and products. The safety of people and the protection of properties is the paramount concern of the company, led by Managing Director Derek Ward. His enthusiasm and energetic pursuit of his goals has been the driving force behind the company. Over the years, Derek and his staff have worked tirelessly to produce solutions to allow its customers to meet ever more stringent regulations from the governing authorities.

The Envirograf® team continues to look forward to supporting the needs of UK and international clients and sets itself apart from the competition with its high ideals and commitment to safety. Why not discover the extensive range on the newly redesigned web site? Head over to envirograf.com, find the product information with the easy-to-use product selector, make enquiries online for a quick response, and share your discoveries with your friends and contacts using the quick share buttons right on the pages. Don’t forget to mention Envirograf® passive fire protection products in the online media platforms and get your company mutual publicity when you use Envirograf® products for your business and clients. Send in your photographs of products in action with a supporting article and let Envirograf® do the rest. We are very keen to support customers and to educate businesses as they implement their means of escape. Don’t delay, contact Envirograf® today!

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