What to do in the event of fire?!

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What to do in the event of fire?!



What to do in the event of fire! Fire action notices, evacuation instruction, fire warden training and staff induction. All vey recommendable phrases and meaningful objectives to ensure the safety of personnel in your building!

However, have you examined the information that abound office walls, industrial corridors and the public build environment that estate managers have put in place for you to follow?

Does it all really make any sense at all? Do the exit signs point in all directions? Does the fire action notice really reflect what you are supposed to do?

Fire safety signs are a vital fire safety arrangement, as important as the fire alarm and the protected means of escape.

The fire safety signing system is the custodian of the fire escape strategy, the single most important arrangement for anyone unfamiliar with the environment.

New European, International and British Standards has led to a real mixture of graphic symbols playing Pictionary with people’s lives. A mixture that presents significant risk in the event of fire.

Whilst the objective of using graphical symbols that transcend language barriers, the reality is proving to be quite the reverse. All ordinary folk are totally confused and in some cases when the contractors fitting safety signs do not know how they are really applied.

A recipe for disaster, particularly in buildings where the general public have access – stations, shopping centres even civic centres, you can notice that all occupants are required to go to an assembly point without any knowledge of the location stated.

In shopping centres you can notice escape signage not only pointing in all directions but escape signage leading you into a shop as an escape route. Is that correct?

If you would like any technical guidance of fire safety signing, we have good guidance to help and it is free to download. 


Published June 2016

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