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Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment is a major part of Means of Escape's offering. Risk Assessment legislation can be confusing for individuals, businesses and institutions and so Means of Escape designed their Guide to theFire Risk Assessment.
As well as general Risk Assessment the Means of Escape Fire Safety Audit Guide enables the responsible person to complete their fire risk assessment and file of evidence.
Means of escape's objective is to improve awareness of the need to be vigilant against fire, not just because of legislation but because it makes good business sense as few small to medium organisations remain in business following a serious fire.
New legislation states that responsibility is now in the hands of the owner, manager or employer who must complete a fire risk assessment. No longer can you rely on a fire certificate as a means of showing all has been done to ensure fire safety.

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  1. Jalite offers guidance on fire action notices

    ... premises and be dependent on the findings of the formal fire risk assessment process. ...

  2. Fire Sector Federation calls for fire safety improvements following Westminster debate

    The Fire Sector Federation is calling for improvements in fire safety maintenance and management to be prioritised by Government following a debate on fire safety in Westminster Hall (Houses of Parliament) on 3 March.

  3. Don't forget to PEEP

    Imagine being at work, hearing the fire alarm and realising it is not a drill. Picture smoke and panic starting to fill the air, as people rush about trying to exit the building. Now imagine yourself physically unable to get...

  4. ASFP backs passive fire protection research project

    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection is collaborating with the BRE Trust in a research project designed to develop a greater understanding of the contribution of different types of passive fire protection systems to...

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    Morgan Fire Protection Ltd is a fully approved fire protection company which has been established for 25 years.

  6. BRE Global discusses Means of Escape for Disabled Persons

    Current Legislation

  7. Regulatory Reform Order

    ... were made responsible to prevent fire and reduce the risk of fire. The Responsible Person is now responsible for carrying out a risk assessment to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire. ...

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    ... Forum has issued 'Top Ten' messages to cut down the risk of arson. ...

  9. PFPF concerned by DCLG fire door ruling

    The determination ruled that a 215-bedroom hotel did not need to fit intumescent strips and smoke seals to all of its bedroom fire doors in order to satisfy its legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order ...

  10. Much more than fire extinguisher maintenance

    Is it a year since you were last here? A familiar response from a business to a fire extinguisher technician who has arrived to complete the annual maintenance of the portable fire extinguishers.


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