Regulatory Reform Order

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Regulatory Reform Order


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into place into 2006 and dramatically changed Fire Safety law forever. The requirement for businesses to have fire certificates was abolished, and individuals in an organisation were made responsible to prevent fire and reduce the risk of fire. The Responsible Person is now responsible for carrying out a risk assessment to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire.

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  1. Fire Sector Federation calls for fire safety improvements following Westminster debate

    The Fire Sector Federation is calling for improvements in fire safety maintenance and management to be prioritised by Government following a debate on fire safety in Westminster Hall (Houses of Parliament) on 3 March.

  2. Best practice in action in BM TRADA’s ‘Passive Fire Protection Demonstration Zone’

    BM TRADA will be highlighting the benefits of effective passive fire protection through a range of interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and free seminars at this year’s Firex International at London Excel 16-18 June.   ...

  3. Much more than fire extinguisher maintenance

    Is it a year since you were last here? A familiar response from a business to a fire extinguisher technician who has arrived to complete the annual maintenance of the portable fire extinguishers.

  4. Fire Door Safety Week is a roaring success

    The UK’s inaugural Fire Door Safety Week has been hailed a huge success, reaching in excess of 6.5 million people over the period and resulting in significant political support from the Fire Minister and an important legacy of...

  5. Campus Wireless Fire Protection


  6. Proactive Over Reactive Mentality In Business

    The Fire & Rescue Services attend more than 30,000 fires in the workplace each year. Lives are lost, thousands are injured and the economic costs mean many businesses never re-open.

  7. PFPF praises fire safety initiatives

    Recognition of the need to improve fire safety compliance in the built environment is growing as fire industry initiatives gather pace, says the Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF).

  8. Good seal bad seal

    All of those within the supply chain with responsibilities to install, maintain or re-instate a building’s fire compartmentation should be aware of Regulation 7 of The Building Regulations, which requires that building work is...

  9. Fire doors – a key line of hospital defence

    Peter Barker, Senior Consultant at BM TRADA, discusses the key role of fire doors within healthcare premises, highlighting the importance of training and competence for estates departments tasked with their maintenance ...

  10. Draka writes exclusively for the Means of Escape on cable safety matters.

    Specifiers and installers have never had such an extensive choice of fire rated cables.


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