Quench Fire use a viable solution for fire protection in listed property

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Quench Fire use a viable solution for fire protection in listed property



Automist,a highly innovative product from Plumis, overcame the problems because it uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles which suppresses the fire, as opposed to sprinkers which drench the property as well as the fire,causing considerable water damage in the process. 

An Automist unit was fitted in the open plan kitchen at the base of the mono bloc tap in the sink and 2 further Automist units were fitted in the lounge diner on either side of the chimney breast with the small, microwave size pumps located in the basement. This avoided the need for a hallway leading to the stairs and maintained the open plan design. 

The Automist systems a reactivated by wireless heat detection units located on the kitchen lounge and dining room ceilings. This simple system completely protects the ground floor at amuch more affordable cost, with much less disruption and in a considerably shorter timeframe than fitting sprinklers. Because Automist uses a wirelss system there was no disruption to the historic fabric of the house and no ugly wires to mar the beamed ceilings or 18th century walls. It is simple to retrofit, is unobtrusive and is aesthetically very attractive. Unlike smoke alarms Automist not only alerts householders to the fire but also suppresses it.

David is convinced of the benefits of using Automist, particularly the greatly reduced water damage to the fabric of the property, fixtures and fittings in the event of a discharge. "Sprinklers cause considerable damage due to the sheer volume of water delivered. If the system goes off, Automist uses 5 litres per minute per head compared with 65 litres per head generated by sprinklers. Indeed, it is often impossible to fit a sprinkler system into a domestic property because the mains water feed is not large enough."

The water suppression mist is a highly effective solution, delivering rapid and automatic fire suppression, neat and economical installation with the need for significantly less pipework. Before the introduction of Automist, householders were faced with compromising the design of the property or accepting the potential drawbacks of a sprinkler system.

For further information on this project or the Plumis Automist range of water-mist suppression solutions call Plumis on 020 8133 8775, visit: www.plumis.co.uk or email [email protected]

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