Power for Emergency Lighting - Local vs Central

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Power for Emergency Lighting - Local vs Central




Power Systems International provides the Emergency Lighting Power System (ELPS). Protected with features to enable operation during an emergency, the ELPS will allow for safe and controlled building evacuation, by providing power to emergency lighting at the point where it is actually needed. 

With 1, 2 or 3 feeds the system can stand in operational modes Active Online, Automatic Standby or Manual Standby - by means of authorised key switch use.

Although the system can be configured as a central system, positioned locally to the point of use the ELPS can simultaneously power Designated Evacuation Lifts, Emergency Lighting and Smoke Extraction fan motors for refuge areas. This cost effective package offers peace of mind should an emergency situation arise.

As part of the Power for Evacuation package, the systemcan even be used to simultaneously power Designated Evacuation Lifts, EmergencyLighting and Smoke Extraction motors for refuge areas.

ELPS Features 

  • Low audilble noise
  • Low power consumption: approx 50 Watts in quiescent mode
  • Localised position: no need for costly site-wide cabling at risk of fire damage
  • Compact dimensions
  • No fuel cost/ spillage hazard/ bulk storage requirement / toxic smoke: as with a diesel generator
  • Regen energy absorption feature
  • BS EN 60146 compliant
  • Broad compatibility
  • Local / remote logic control
  • Wall mounting maintenance bypass unit
  • Remote control key switch
  • Power flow status mimic panel
  • Input and output flexible cables, plugs & sockets
  • Systems of 10kVA, 20kVA and 30kVA


For more information please contact Power Systems International Ltd

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 01494 871544


  Directory listing: Power Systems International



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