Partnership working with Bourne Leisure Limited

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Partnership working with Bourne Leisure Limited



In 2013, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service entered into a single partnership agreement with Bourne Leisure to proactively improve fire safety standards across their business nationwide. As the project is nationwide the service is communicating with other Fire and Rescue Authorities across the country, enabling further efficiencies and cost reductions for both Bourne Leisure and the National Fire & Rescue Service as a whole.

The Bourne Leisure group are well known and have established brands including Haven, Butlins, Warner and Owners Exclusive. Business needs can be complex and this partnership, has recognised that both partners have similar goals.

Working closely with Bourne Leisure has allowed the Service to provide fire safety advice and assistance that is better tailored to their needs enabling us to assist with the future proofing of individual business strategies.

Kevin Tudor, Health and Safety Manager for the South West said: “The national partnership with Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is working extremely well for everyone involved.  Certainly the board are very happy as they want to be certain all the fire precautions on every site are safe and secure. This enforces our mission statement – safe and secure.  At every board meeting they ensure fire safety is a top priority on their agenda. 

“We see Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue as a second pair of eyes. We have our group polices but the service externally audits us, as well as providing advice on our fire procedures. We have had to work to get to a high level of fire prevention, but it has been worth it.

“The benefit of a national partnership is if we have an issue in another part of the country we can first consult with John Beamson, Protection Officer for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and then speak with the local fire service from an informed perspective. This arrangement works well. Prior to the partnership we worked with different fire authorities giving conflicting advice, now we work from a level playing field as the advice we receive is consistent and reliable.

“The partnership is also great for when we have individual projects that require fire safety advice as we can run them by John to get any second thoughts. This ensures our fire precautions are all correct when they go to building regulations.

Fire protection officer John Beamson recently visited Devon Cliffs, the Haven caravan holiday home provider.

Terry Collins, Deputy General Manager said: “Devon Cliffs is one of the biggest holiday caravan parks in Europe and has been part of the Bourne Leisure group since 2001. Bourne have since invested over 30 million pounds to upgrade the all the facilities, landscaping and caravans.

“When an area is developed by landscaping it becomes a safer environment. We do lose caravan space but landscaping creates car parking, piped gas and more space around each caravan – so if a fire were to take place there would be less chance of it spreading.

“We have always had a very good working relationship with the local Exmouth fire crew and they access the site for training exercises during the off season. The site is over 200 acres so new firefighters always visit to help them to become familiar with the site. The crews use our club rooms for their Breathing Apparatus training, as well as carry out line rescue on the cliffs and other exercises throughout the site.”

Fire protection officer John Beamson explained: “One of the first audits we ever carried out for Bourne Leisure was at Devon Cliffs and I was very pleased with the high level of fire safety they were achieving. Not many sites we visit have that level of commitment to fire safety.

“From the services point of view on a caravan site the fire safety considerations have to be looked at from a different perspective than from a hotel. Caravans pose their own unique problems. Preventing a fire from happening in the first place ensures that all visitors can safety enjoy their holiday.

“Every caravan is fitted with Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors. The testing and maintenance of all fire procedures at the caravan sites throughout Bourne is first class, so people working and visiting are safe as far as we can make it.” 

Kevin concluded: “Bourne has an excellent relationship with John and Devon Cliffs has a good relationship with me. We trust each other and that makes a lot of difference. This has a knock on effect for the local crews as they are happy that all our policies are in place and this saves them their valuable time.

“In fact any fire query that comes up I now go straight to John, no matter how small and it gets sorted.” 

Any issues are addressed at root level, encouraging innovation and leading to more effective and efficient use of everyone’s resources. By working closely with Bourne Leisure and preventing fires happening it is anticipated that the frequency of fire safety inspections will reduce, bringing about a joint benefit to both organisations. 



Published January 2014

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