More for less with thermal imaging

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More for less with thermal imaging



With the introduction of its K-Series, FLIR Systems have made it viable for more fire fighters to benefit from thermal imaging technology.  These robust, handheld cameras provide the high performance needed to improve situational awareness and safety but at a price that allows tight budgets to stretch further.   And thanks to the FLIR trade-in programme, the investment is now even more attractive.

Through to 30th June 2014, FLIR Systems is applying discounts on the list price of the FLIR K40 and K50 models; £165 and £330 respectively.  To qualify, purchasers simply need to trade in their existing fire fighting thermal imaging camera to their local FLIR distributor.  Any age, brand or model of camera is eligible and it doesn’t even have to be in working order.

This is a good proposition, especially as both models are already keenly priced.  The FLIR K40 produces thermal images up to 240 x 180 pixels and is just £2,570 and its higher resolution counterpart, the FLIR K50 with 320 x 240 detector, is £3,195. 

Their exceptional value-for-money has been achieved through manufacturing economies as FLIR produces more thermal imaging cameras than another other company. This way, FLIR is able to offer high performance at extremely affordable prices.

Both models are designed for operation in harsh environments and are characterised by their torch-style grip. This makes it easy for the fire fighter to use the camera on the move, allowing easy navigation through smoke and visualisation of hot spots. The cameras are easily controlled by a gloved hand, via three large buttons on top of the units.

All registered FLIR K-Series cameras, including those subject to the trade-in programme, carry a full two year warranty in addition to the 10 year guarantee on the uncooled microbolometer. 

For more information on the FLIR K-Series trade-in programme go to




Published January 2014

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