An innovative design in sprinkler systems

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An innovative design in sprinkler systems



Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has operated a successful partnership arrangement with Hampshire County Council (HCC), whereby an HFRS fire officer is embedded within HCC to review their building stock on a risk assessed basis. The officer, as well as checking compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 also assesses the requirement for the installation of sprinkler systems in high risk premises and schools.

The refurbishment of one of HCC’s schools, Park Community School, Leigh Park, Havant, led to a risk assessment being undertaken. This confirmed that a sprinkler system should be installed, which at the time would have had to be BS EN 12845 compliant.

The design team stated that this type of installation would only be cost effective to install in the new build part of the premises, leaving the higher risk parts not covered by sprinklers.

As a result of this an alternative sprinkler design was sought in order to enable the majority of the school to be protected by a sprinkler system.

Following extensive consultation and development of an alternative specification for sprinkler systems, HFRS and HCC with the assistance of a sprinkler engineer have, in partnership, designed an innovative, bespoke Asset Protection Sprinkler System for use in schools and other non-residential premises.

This Asset Protection System not only saves on capital costs as a result of a reduction in the water storage infrastructure and the use of CPVC pipework, but also revenue expenditure which will be reduced due to a less onerous maintenance and testing regime.

This is an excellent example of how the HFRS and HCC partnership has jointly delivered improvements to fire safety in schools with further benefits in reduced costs and industry leadership in these times of reduced revenue budgets.

This is just one of many ways that HFRS are seeking to be innovative, working with clients to provide cost effective solutions.

Assistant Chief Officer Neil Odin said “HFRS remain committed to the promotion and installation of full BS12845 sprinkler systems, but where the assessment of risk identifies opportunities for alternatives, we will work with our partners to innovate in reducing the risk of fire spreading enabling a business to return to a state of normal activity at the earliest opportunity” .



Published January 2014

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