Flakt Woods are proud to announce our smoke shaft vent is LABC approved

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Flakt Woods are proud to announce our smoke shaft vent is LABC approved



Did you know our Smoke Shaft Vent System has been approved by LABC? What does that mean?

Local Authority Building Control approval means that the building control sign-off is quick and pain free as the system is pre-approved in its entirety.

Although others have LABC approval for the system concept, they would need to detail exactly how the system has been designed for each project, typically providing CFD Analysis as part of this submittal.

LABC approval of the common system design allows for this process to be shortened and de-risked as CFD Analysis has been completed for the minimum and maximum extents of our system as well as for a database of projects designed to the standard solution.

Key Benefits:

  • De-mystifying the design process
  • Suitable for single-stair buildings over 11m in height
  • Pre-approved system design with LABC

Smoke Shaft: A smoke shaft is a common method for ventilating lobbies of tall buildings, used to maintain tenable conditions in the common escape routes in the event of a fire in the building. Originally smoke shafts were developed by BRE as a passive system requiring large risers and dampers to allow for the buoyancy effects of the fire to provide motion to clear smoke from the corridors. The Fläkt Woods Smoke Shaft Vent reduces the required shaft area specified by BRE by the addition of a set of smoke extract fans located at roof level; saving on lettable space within the development and removing the risk of wind or negative heat effects limiting the effectiveness of the passive ventilation system.

We have also recently released the NEW Smoke Shaft Selection tool helping to de-risk the early stage design…available now through our fan selector provide. To activate your account please contact [email protected]

For more information on our Smoke Shaft Vent System please visit our website.

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Published December 2016

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