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Fire Safety


Fire Safety  Business Interruption  Business Continuity
The Means of Escape on-line Fire Safety magazine covers all aspects of fire protection. A Fire takes no prisoner, it is unforgiving, indiscriminate and deadly. A Fire can not only destroy lives but also livelihood. A serious fire can decimate a business and statistics published have shown this to be the case in 80% of incidents. Fire Safety as a topic can be split into the following categories. Life Safety, Property Protection and Business Continuity. Life Safety is obviously of primary concern and fire safety legislation requires duty holders to be responsible with both civil and criminal consequence for negligence.
A Fire in any organisation can have tremendous consequential impact on others that are unaffected by the actual conflagration. A fire in a school or college can have devastating consequences for both community and students, the loss of course work, the loss of teaching continuity could have a major impact.

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    There has been some commentary recently about online training for evacuation chairs and its appropriateness of purpose. While debate is always welcomed, there is one important element that should not be overlooked when looking...

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    When you start talking about fire safety most of the staff will listen with half an ear.  After all, there are ...

  6. Get your staff fired up!

    When you start talking about fire safety most of the staff will listen with half an ear.  After all, there are ...

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    When it comes to evacuating a multi-storey building all companies and organisations, providing services to their employees or the public, need to be prepared for any eventuality.

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