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Fire Safety


Fire Safety  Business Interruption  Business Continuity
The Means of Escape on-line Fire Safety magazine covers all aspects of fire protection. A Fire takes no prisoner, it is unforgiving, indiscriminate and deadly. A Fire can not only destroy lives but also livelihood. A serious fire can decimate a business and statistics published have shown this to be the case in 80% of incidents. Fire Safety as a topic can be split into the following categories. Life Safety, Property Protection and Business Continuity. Life Safety is obviously of primary concern and fire safety legislation requires duty holders to be responsible with both civil and criminal consequence for negligence.
A Fire in any organisation can have tremendous consequential impact on others that are unaffected by the actual conflagration. A fire in a school or college can have devastating consequences for both community and students, the loss of course work, the loss of teaching continuity could have a major impact.

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  1. The only conference in the UK focused on automatic, water-based, fire suppression!

    The BAFSA biennial conference will this year be held in the sleek and fully sprinklered surroundings of the 5-star St David’s Hotel in Cardiff which overlooks the sparkling waters of Cardiff Bay just along the quay from the...

  2. Fike Launches New Multi-Function Fire Detector for its TWINFLEX®pro System

    Fike Safety Technology has introduced a new detector for its popular TWINFLEX®pro intelligent 2-wire fire alarm system. ...

  3. CIF engineer appointed Vice Chair of the PFPF

    Chiltern International Fire’s Ross Newman has been appointed Vice Chair of the Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF). ...

  4. New Business Development Manager for Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd

    Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) Ltd, leading manufacturer of specialist fire detection products, welcomes Mark Wood as its newly-appointed Business ...

  5. Xtralis VESDA aspirating smoke detectors provide fire prevention for the new Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal

    Xtralis VESDA smoke detectors are relied on to protect UAE super structures, including the Burj Khalifa, Emirates Palace Hotel, and Dubai & Abu Dhabi International Airports

  6. Good seal bad seal

    ... to install, maintain or re-instate a building’s fire compartmentation should be aware of Regulation 7 of The Building ...

  7. Series 200 Advanced Digital Addressable Fire Detectors

    ... Series 200 Advanced family consists of six new fire detectors: three heat detectors, 58┬░ and 78┬░ fixed temperature ...

  8. PEEP and Special Needs provision

    ... with trying to escape a building in the event of a real fire. Now imagine that you had to escape that fire without the use of your legs. ...

  9. Tunnel Escape Route Systems

    Designed and developed by Jalite the pioneers of photoluminescent technology, the 316 Low Location Lighting (LLL) System requires no electrical connection illuminating immediately with the removal of external light sources,...

  10. Escape route illumination- the history

    Photoluminescent, Phosphorescent, materials that are excited by ordinary light waves and then in darkness release the energy into a potential life-saving illumination. Too good to be true?


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