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Fire Safety


Fire Safety  Business Interruption  Business Continuity
The Means of Escape on-line Fire Safety magazine covers all aspects of fire protection. A Fire takes no prisoner, it is unforgiving, indiscriminate and deadly. A Fire can not only destroy lives but also livelihood. A serious fire can decimate a business and statistics published have shown this to be the case in 80% of incidents. Fire Safety as a topic can be split into the following categories. Life Safety, Property Protection and Business Continuity. Life Safety is obviously of primary concern and fire safety legislation requires duty holders to be responsible with both civil and criminal consequence for negligence.
A Fire in any organisation can have tremendous consequential impact on others that are unaffected by the actual conflagration. A fire in a school or college can have devastating consequences for both community and students, the loss of course work, the loss of teaching continuity could have a major impact.

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  1. EAPFP calls for increased CE marking for passive fire protection products

    ... Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) for a range of passive fire protection products to be converted to mandatory harmonised European ...

  2. Costa Invest in Fike’s Intelligent 2-Wire Fire Detection Technology

    ... being protected by Fike’s TWINFLEXpro intelligent 2-wire fire alarm systems. ...

  3. Advanced Aims to Become a Major Player in Australasian Fire Detection

    ... 15 years ago, has become a world leader in intelligent fire alarm systems and life safety products. It sells into over 70 countries, with bases across the UK, US, ...

  4. A guide to fire alarm zone plans

    BS5839-1:2013 states that zone plans are required on every system of any size, and should also be noted as a major non-compliance during routine maintenance, when they are not displayed on existing installations.

  5. West Lancashire Borough Council installs Aico communal fire detection system

    ... apartments.  The design provides a high level of tenant safety at an affordable price, especially when compared to p ...

  6. Fike Launches Repeater Panel for TWINFLEX®pro 2-Wire Fire Detection System

    Fike Safety Technology (FST) has launched a Repeater Panel as part of its TWINFLEX ® pro Smart 2-Wire Fire Detection System. ...

  7. Fire Service issues safe sizzling tips

    ... outdoor eating back on the menu, Cumbria County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service is issuing tips for safe barbecuing. ...

  8. Fike Fire Detection Protects Victorian Pumping Station Featured on TVs ‘Restoration Man’

    Fike Safety Technology’s TWINFLEX ® pro smart 2-wire fire detection system has been installed in a fabulous conversion of an old ...

  9. EAPFP Calls for Single, Unified EU Facade Test

    ... The European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) has urged the European Commission (EC) to replace the patchwork of facade fire tests in force across the EU with a single unified test. ...

  10. C-TEC to Showcase its New CAST Protocol Fire Alarm System at Firex

    ... be exhibiting at Firex International, Europe’s largest fire safety show.   ...


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