Fire Safety Regulations

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Fire Safety Regulations


Fire Safety Regulations

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  1. FSF welcomes the findings of the Independent Review Building Regulations and Fire Safety

    The Fire Sector Federation (FSF) broadly endorses the key findings and ... in her interim report for the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety. Author name:  FSF ...

  2. Fire Safety Regulations

    Fire Safety Regulations ...

  3. Fire Regulations

    Fire Regulations, Fire Certificates and Fire Regulation Updates from Means of Escape The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and regulations made under it, covers the ...

  4. Building guidance confounds fire sector experts

    The Fire Sector Federation (FSF) and Construction Industry Council (CIC) are calling for change to Building Regulations Guidance due to complex and inconsistent language, which has left even fire sector experts confused. ...

  5. Clean your way to fire safety

    ... deposits in their extract ventilation systems.  Yet the fire prevention aspects of why thorough cleaning of ductwork is vital are often ...

  6. Fire safety in construction

    The CDM Regulations are broken down into 5 parts: ...

  7. Taking the Initiative - ground breaking project to install automatic fire sprinklers in existing Sheffield Tower Block whilst residents remain in their homes

  8. Wrightstyle Raises Fire Safety Concerns With UK Government

    ... screens and facades are being inspected and passed as being fire resistant when in fact they offer little protection.   ...

  9. Landlords reminded to be ready for new fire safety laws

    ... Cumbria are being reminded to ensure they are ready for new fire safety laws aimed at saving dozens of lives a year. ...

  10. Wrightstyle and Christmas fire safety in emerging markets

    ... leading UK steel and aluminium glazing company, supplies its fire-rated systems internationally.  As Christmas approaches, Tim Kempster, ...


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