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Means of Escape provides the latest news on fire and rescue incidents, updates to British Standards and the newest products to be released into the Fire Protection Industry.

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  1. What is the true cost of fire?

    It is well known that fires damage properties and can cost lives.

  2. Fire Evacuation- Time to take it to the next level

    You will have trained your 'fire' marshals to evacuate occupants when the fire alarm sounds but how will you use your marshals in an unplanned event for ...

  3. Bigger, Better and More Accessible

    The Means of Escape is approaching its 16 th Birthday and to start the celebrations, we are getting bigger and better! Author name:  MeansofEscape

  4. The Importance of Flame Detection in the Waste Handling Industry

    The waste m

  5. IQ Fire Solutions set for service sector growth

    Fire system specialist IQ Fire Solutions is set to further expand its offering for maintenance and servicing of fire detection systems to businesses in the South East. ...

  6. Means of Escape training and escape plans are essential

  7. Retrofitting sprinklers? Consider this

    ... taking a step back and reviewing their approach to fire risk management and in particular reconsidering its approach to ...

  8. Glass and the Terrorist Threat

    The old Chinese curse is to live in uncertain times.  


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