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Means of Escape provides the latest news on fire and rescue incidents, updates to British Standards and the newest products to be released into the Fire Protection Industry.

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  1. Hochiki's Black Sensors Minimise Aesthetic Impact

  2. Hochiki Protects Iceland's New Power Station

    The project called for 350 Hochiki ESP - Enhanced System Protocol - analogue addressable sensors, 95 call points and 49 beam detectors. Hochiki has also supplied a number of analogue addressable modules - 219 relay controllers....

  3. Supporters get fired up for fire door safety campaign

    Support for this year’s Fire Door Safety Week campaign continues to grow as fire safety tops the agenda for ...

  4. Hochiki Protects New Blood Centre

  5. Avoid paying the price for poor fire door maintenance

    ... There is also a legal requirement to do this under the Fire Safety Order 2005 and breaches (with or without a fire) are being aggressively ...

  6. So the block you manage isn’t fire safe – now what?

    ... of the devastating consequences of a building which is not fire-safe, particularly where, as has been alleged following the Grenfell Tower ...

  7. Enforcement of the Fire Safety Order

    What is the Fire Safety Order? ...

  8. Fire Safety Information

    Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development. Means of Escape is an information ...

  9. Fire Magazine

    Fire Safety Magazine, Fire Safety Newsletter, Fire News Feeds from Means of Escape Means of Escape is an on-line fire safety ...

  10. Fire Door Safety Week commemorates Great Fire of London

    Fire Door Safety Week is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet, with cross industry ...


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