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Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development.

Means of Escape is an information portal for issues relating to Fire Safety, Health & Safety and the Responsible Persons Risk Assessment. The website is a resource for anyone responsible for managing fire safety within an organisation,  and provides a range of information about fire prevention, escape, confinement, communication and suppression. 
The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, announcements of technical changes to both fire safety systems and legislative requirements. The Means of escape is a portal for fire safety industry news, product enhancement and fire safety product development. 

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Search results

  1. Plumis Automist facilitates conversion of Art Deco houses

    ... Plumis Automist has been used to provide an innovative fire safety solution for the conversion of a stunning collection of Art Deco houses ...

  2. Suspended Ceilings - The Risks of Improper Ceiling Plane and Sprinkler Head Alignment

    Suspended ceilings – or false ceilings as they are sometimes referred to - are a common sight in both commercial and industrial settings across the globe.

  3. Voice Sounders Enable Faster Evacuation In Dutch Garden Centres

    ... alterations in the layouts gave an undesirable effect on the safety of the occupants in case of fire - the RSET being more than the Available Safe Egress Time (ASET). ...

  4. New Specifier Pocketbook From Aico

    The Pocket Book, with its '6 Steps to Successful Specification', includes alarm grades and categories, choice of back-up supply, alarm sensor types, alarm quality, installation methods and additional features to consider such...

  5. Voice Alarm (VA) Systems - Taking the Voice Sounder Route

    ... within their design and how, with the approach of the new Fire-Cryer ® Plus se ...

  6. Be Conspicuous During Evacuations!

     In the case of a fire, alarms will beringing, smoke will be reducing visibility and a sense of ...

  7. New Community Cinema protected by Fire-Cryer® Voice Sounders

    The former St Thomas More Community Centre in East Dulwich, London is home to a new three-screen cinema with a café-bar and a courtyard garden.

  8. Fike’s SigniFire Video Smoke Detection Protects South African Power Station

    Fike’s camera-based SigniFire detection system is being deployed at Arnot Power Station in South Africa.

  9. C-TEC to unveil revolutionary new protocol at Firex

    Leading life-safety equipment manufacturer, C-TEC, will unveil its revolutionary new CAST ...

  10. Evacusafe’s Training Courses Receive ROSPA Approval

    Evacusafe are proud to announce that their Evacuation Chair Training Courses, have been approved by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).  Once again this sees the Company leading the way, as this is the...


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