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Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development.

Means of Escape is an information portal for issues relating to Fire Safety, Health & Safety and the Responsible Persons Risk Assessment. The website is a resource for anyone responsible for managing fire safety within an organisation,  and provides a range of information about fire prevention, escape, confinement, communication and suppression. 
The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, announcements of technical changes to both fire safety systems and legislative requirements. The Means of escape is a portal for fire safety industry news, product enhancement and fire safety product development. 

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Search results

  1. A Simple Solution To A Serious Problem... Jalite Photoluminescent Floor Wayguidance Signs

    Low location wayguidance systems allow an escape route to still be seen when smoke obscures the normal lighting. A number of tragedies have lead to the development of high performance Jalite photoluminescent floor wayguidance...

  2. How to evacuate a multi-storey building

    When it comes to evacuating multi-storey buildings, all companies and organisations open to the public, including schools need to be prepared for any eventuality to get everyone out safely.

  3. Fike Opens Innovative Customer Service and Technical Support Centre in India

    ... 2013, Fike, one of the world’s leading suppliers of life safety systems, opened a new Customer Service and Support Centre in Mumbai, ...

  4. New Standard Edition: BS 5306-9:2015

    ... requirements for the installation and recharging of portable fire extinguishers. ...

  5. Eaton’s Fulleon Business LX Visual Alarm Devices Now VdS Approved

    Power management company Eaton today announced that its Fulleon business, a leading manufacturer of life-saving alarm devices, has been granted VdS certification for its LX range of visual alarm devices.

  6. Door-Stop Launch Potentially Life-Saving Side Panels

    ... is delighted to announce the launch of its new glazed fire door side panels. Author name:  Door-Stop ...

  7. Jalite hotel evacuation plan and instructions

    Legislation requires that all building occupants are informed and instructed on the actions required in the event of an emergency.

  8. Envirograf HW intumescent paint achieves Scandinavian test requirements for timber housing

    ... paint system was recently used in one of the most rigorous fire tests used for testing coating systems. ...

  9. ISOVER to Showcase Its U Protect Range at FIREX International 2019

    ... solutions, will be showcasing its U Protect passive fire protection range for HVAC applications at this year’s FIREX ...

  10. Hyde Group Goes One Step Further With Aico Radiolink

    Alan Mortimer, Stock Investment Manager for Hyde South East, was directly involved in the specification of the Aico alarms. He cites the main benefits as being quicker installation, less disruptive and less damage to internal...


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