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Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development.

Means of Escape is an information portal for issues relating to Fire Safety, Health & Safety and the Responsible Persons Risk Assessment. The website is a resource for anyone responsible for managing fire safety within an organisation,  and provides a range of information about fire prevention, escape, confinement, communication and suppression. 
The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, announcements of technical changes to both fire safety systems and legislative requirements. The Means of escape is a portal for fire safety industry news, product enhancement and fire safety product development. 

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  1. Intelligent Fire Panels Protect Student Village

    The fire detection system comprises of ten networked Mx-4000 control panels, at ... accommodation block, interfaced to 1,700 Apollo Discovery fire detectors and devices. ...

  2. Fike’s Video Fire Detection Protects UK’s Heritage

    The SigniFire Video Fire Detection (VFD) system from Fike Safety Technology (FST) has been deployed in the Battle of Britain Memorial ...

  3. New Business Development Manager for Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd

    Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) Ltd, leading manufacturer of specialist fire detection products, welcomes Mark Wood as its newly-appointed Business ...

  4. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, advises Evacusafe

    Whilst a fire is a rare event, it’s worth remembering the impact it can cause. ...

  5. Fire Fighting Enterprises becomes FFE

    On January 18, 2015 Fire Fighting Enterprises officially became  FFE . ...

  6. New Sport’s Bar Protected by Fike Fire Detection

    ... refurbished nightspot in Tamworth, UK, has invested in a fire detection solution from Fike Safety Technology (FST).  Located in the town centre, the new bar opened at ...

  7. Spring clean your chimney

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging all property owners who use an open fire or wood burning stove to include their chimney on their spring cleaning ...

  8. Are you fully prepared for an emergency evacuation?

    We are all acutely aware of our responsibilities to ensure every person within our building is able to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.  If someone suffers from some form of mobility issue, provision...

  9. Award Winning Senior Living Homes Use Evac+Chair

    Sunrise Senior Living UK's fire safety advisors, Quality Fire Safety Management Ltd, were responsible for ...

  10. How safe is your electrical intake - are you at risk of a fire in your home or business premises?

    ... county and is supported by a grant from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC), a UK charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries ...


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