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Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development.

Means of Escape is an information portal for issues relating to Fire Safety, Health & Safety and the Responsible Persons Risk Assessment. The website is a resource for anyone responsible for managing fire safety within an organisation,  and provides a range of information about fire prevention, escape, confinement, communication and suppression. 
The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, announcements of technical changes to both fire safety systems and legislative requirements. The Means of escape is a portal for fire safety industry news, product enhancement and fire safety product development. 

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  1. EAPFP Calls for Single, Unified EU Facade Test

    ... The European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) has urged the European Commission (EC) to replace the patchwork of facade fire tests in force across the EU with a single unified test. ...

  2. KAC Set For AV Growth with ENscape Launch

    ... EN54-23 approved conventional AV warning devices for use in fire detection systems. ...

  3. PFPF concerned by DCLG fire door ruling

    ... fit intumescent strips and smoke seals to all of its bedroom fire doors in order to satisfy its legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (the Order). ...

  4. New research shows students at risk in rented accommodation

    New research, commissioned by safety charity Electrical Safety First, suggests that landlords and letting agents may be putting their ...

  5. EAPFP expert to chair European Fire Protective Products Task Group

    European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) Technical Officer Niall Rowan has been selected by CEN TC 127, the CEN committee responsible for Fire Safety in Buildings, to head up a new Task Gr ...

  6. EAPFP highlights key achievements in Munich

    European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) members, representing some eleven countries across ...

  7. How to wake deaf friends and not alienate people

    ... Fiona, who is Deaf, woke up surrounded by her mother, a fire-fighter and the hotel manager. No, this wasn't some kind of weird dream. The hotel’s fire alarm had been set off and the building was evacuated. ...

  8. The benefits and potential shortfalls of Personal Protection Fire Suppression Systems (PPSs)

    ... and potential application shortfalls of Personal Protection Fire Suppression Systems (PPSs) as a valuable new fire safety tool. ...

  9. Fire Sector Federation ready for action

    ...  Though originally established in 2010 as the Fire Sector Partnership, the organisation has now agreed a constitution and ... following a merger with the Federation of British Fire Organisations (FOBFO).   ...

  10. A watermist sprinkler fire engineered for the 21st century

    ... are following entrained air and combustion products into the fire plume. ...


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