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Fire Safety Information


Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development.

Means of Escape is an information portal for issues relating to Fire Safety, Health & Safety and the Responsible Persons Risk Assessment. The website is a resource for anyone responsible for managing fire safety within an organisation,  and provides a range of information about fire prevention, escape, confinement, communication and suppression. 
The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, announcements of technical changes to both fire safety systems and legislative requirements. The Means of escape is a portal for fire safety industry news, product enhancement and fire safety product development. 

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  1. Campus Wireless Fire Protection


  2. Fire Advice

    Fire Advice and Fire Information from Means of Escape   The Means of Escape Publication offers advice and opinion on fire safety management, building components and all the fire safety arrangements ...

  3. EAPFP calls for robust qualifications for passive fire protection installers

    Although passive fire protection (PFP) products play a vital role in protecting lives and property in the event of a fire, there is currently no known regulation in Europe that requires those who ...

  4. FPA awarded gold standard for fire risk assessments

    FPA join select group of fire risk assessors presented with the NSI Gold award for BAFE SP205 ...

  5. Evac+Chair International and Sigma Fire & Security on show in Dubai

    Evac+Chair International and Sigma Fire & Security exhibited at the Intersec Show held at the Dubai International ...

  6. Ultraguard provides vital protection against arson

    Recent tests carried out at Surrey Fire & Rescue Service have proved the value of the UltraGuard portable water mist fire protection system against arson attacks. ...

  7. Fire doors are dangerous!

    You carry out fire drills regularly – and everyone troops out to the car park or nearby ... to a break from work.  But when you carry out a fire drill there is no real fire so people have very little idea of what it would ...

  8. The Importance of Flame Detection in the Waste Handling Industry

    The waste m

  9. Hochiki Europe launches fire system logbook to support customer compliance

    ... According to Government figures*, the UK’s fire and rescue services attended nearly a quarter of a million false alarm ... the last two years, with the majority caused by faulty fire system apparatus. ...

  10. The anatomy of a fire door – and why it’s important

    If you’re installing a fire door you need to ensure it is certified and that it carries the certificating labels that prove it is.  That’s what Fire Door Safety Week is all about – making sure you know you’ve got the right doors ...


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