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The Means of Escape Fire Safety Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory
The Means of Escape directory is a comprehensive list of companies operating in the Fire Safety Industry Suppliers, Manufacturers, Service, Consultancy and Maintenance. Categories listed include manufacturers and suppliers of  fire alarm systems, Fire suppression , Fire sprinkler systems, evacuation chairs, portable fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher refurbishing,  fixed fire extinguisher systems, smoke control systems, ventilation, fire doors, fire risk assessment ,fire risk management, fire safety training, fire safety recruitment and emergency call systems.
The fire safety equipment and fire safety arrangements are determined as a function of prescribed Building Regulations for the purpose type of building. Fire safety equipment and Fire safety arrangements are also determined as a function of the Fire safety strategy.When buildings are occupied the formal fire risk assessment and fire safety management may determine further requirements 
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  1. Case Study – Fire Risk Assessment – Slingshot Effect

    Morgan Fire Protection Ltd is a fully approved fire protection company which has been established for 25 years. ...

  2. Don’t let a fire be a deaf trap

    ... How would you feel if you were alone and could not hear the fire alarm? This is a major concern to over 10 million deaf & hard of hearing ...

  3. Groundbreaking Train Factory to be Protected by CDS Security & Fire and Advanced

    ... Europe has specified industry-leading MxPro multiprotocol fire panels from Advanced to protect its new UK manufacturing facility in ...

  4. A guide to fire alarm zone plans

    BS5839-1:2013 states that zone plans are required on every system of any size, and should also be noted as a major non-compliance during routine maintenance, when they are not displayed on existing installations.

  5. Making a safe escape

    Here Jon Burke, Marketing Manager at Abloy UK, discusses the current failings as highlighted above, and how access control can be managed in a more effective way.

  6. Advanced Panels Chosen to Protect £140 Million Tyne Tunnels

    ... the Tyne Tunnels are being protected by industry-leading fire panels and extinguishant control systems from Advanced. ...

  7. Ecocell Lift offers the user “Double Escape Option”

    While we all know that the British media tend to somewhat embellish on the truth in order to sell news papers, on occasion, I fall foul of these headlines and submit to the calling of my enquiring mind.

  8. Wrightstyle and the Bradford City fire disaster

    ... leading UK steel and aluminium glazing company has supplied fire-rated systems to several Olympic, FIFA and other major stadia . ...

  9. Evacuating a tall building

    Emergency scenarios can’t be predicted; however the thought of descending several flights of stairs in a high-rise building for a person with a mobility impairment can be a very daunting prospect, knowing in most emergency...

  10. Wrightstyle, the Bridge of Sighs and evacuation models

    Wrightstyle , based in the UK, supplies specialist steel and aluminium glazing systems worldwide.  Jane Embury, the company’s marketing director, looks at evacuation planning for today’s  high-rise buildings. 


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