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Fire Regulations


Fire Regulations, Fire Certificates and Fire Regulation Updates from Means of Escape
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and regulations made under it, covers the provision of process fire precautions which are intended to prevent the outbreak of a fire or minimise the consequences should one occur. The law requires the employer to carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace, identify the significant findings of the risk assessment and the details of anyone who might be especially at risk in case of fire and provide and maintain such fire precautions as are necessary to safeguard those who use your workplace and provide information, instruction and training to employees about the fire precautions in your workplace.

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  1. Fire safety decision-makers 'need guidance'

    The 'think-tank' - which included three MPs - highlighted the need for more robust information which could also act as a building management tool to help bring clarity to the risk process.

  2. SE Controls puts on a safe performance at Buxton Opera House

    ... has been installed at Buxton Opera House as a key part of fire safety system upgrades at the theatre to meet current fire regulations and improve safety for the audience, cast and musicians. ...

  3. Fire Sector Federation releases Summary Report

    The Fire Sector Federation (FSF) has released a Summary Report which offers an introduction to the Fire Sector Federation, reviewing its history, structure and achievements to ... as well as examining how it can help in developing future fire policy. ...

  4. When is a fire door not a fire door?

    Fire doors are probably one of the most boring subjects on earth – until you have a fire, then they suddenly become real heroes and save lives!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like that and fire doors don’t always do the job they’re supposed to do. ...

  5. Lack Of Regulatory Compliance, Respect & Competency Are Key Issues

    He advised that during 2010 the Fire Minister, Bob Neil, set up a review to determine the future of the wider fire sector and its inter-relationship with other key services and industry. ...

  6. Wrightstyle and fire risk in tall buildings

    ... of advanced steel and aluminium glazing systems, supplying fire and blast resistant systems worldwide.   Post-Grenfell, Tim Kempster, Wrighstyle’s managing director, looks at fire sa Author name:  Wrightstyle ...

  7. Fire protection manufacturer Plumis wins national business accolade

    London, 26th November, 2014: The Real Business Growing Business Awards , held in association with Lloyds Bank and supported by the CBI, announced the 2014 winners at a ceremony held at the London Marriott Hotel. ...

  8. Curo Housing fits Aico fire & co alarms into HMOs

    Curo Housing Group - the largest social landlord in the Bath area - is installing Aico m

  9. Fire! Remove the smoke, improve your chances of survival

    The lethal effects of smoke inhalation have been known as far back as the first century AD when Pliny reported that the Romans executed prisoners by placing them in cages over the smoke of greenwood fires.

  10. The Fire Safety Order - is the knowledge gap closing?

    ... at BM TRADA discusses the impact that the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order has had on the passive fire protection industry. ...


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