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Fire Regulations


Fire Regulations, Fire Certificates and Fire Regulation Updates from Means of Escape
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and regulations made under it, covers the provision of process fire precautions which are intended to prevent the outbreak of a fire or minimise the consequences should one occur. The law requires the employer to carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace, identify the significant findings of the risk assessment and the details of anyone who might be especially at risk in case of fire and provide and maintain such fire precautions as are necessary to safeguard those who use your workplace and provide information, instruction and training to employees about the fire precautions in your workplace.

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  1. Two professions at a crossroads

    Building Control and Fire Engineering Professions are standing at a crossroads.  Which path is ...

  2. Effective smoke ventilation design – compliance is critical

    ... Smoke ventilation is a critical element in fire safety, particularly in multi-storey residential buildings as it not only helps occupants to escape, but also improves the access for fire fighters by keeping corridors and other areas clear of smoke. ...

  3. Wrightstyle Raises Fire Safety Concerns With UK Government

    ... screens and facades are being inspected and passed as being fire resistant when in fact they offer little protection.   ...

  4. Landlords reminded to be ready for new fire safety laws

    ... Cumbria are being reminded to ensure they are ready for new fire safety laws aimed at saving dozens of lives a year. ...

  5. Wrightstyle and Christmas fire safety in emerging markets

    ... leading UK steel and aluminium glazing company, supplies its fire-rated systems internationally.  As Christmas approaches, Tim Kempster, ...

  6. Timber framed buildings - cavity fire protection may not be as simple as it first appears!

    The most common method is the Platform Frame approach, which uses floor to ceiling panels that are connected to the floor deck. These prefabricated wall panels can be relatively small, (typically up to 3.6m in length).

  7. EAPFP calls for robust qualifications for passive fire protection installers

    Although passive fire protection (PFP) products play a vital role in protecting lives and property in the event of a fire, there is currently no known regulation in Europe that requires those who ...

  8. Wrightstyle and cinema fire safety

    ... designing and manufacturing systems to mitigate against fire, bomb/blast and ballistic attack. ...

  9. No escaping the smoking hot change to legislation

    ... Reliably and effectively extracting smoke during a fire is a critical design element for commercial ventilation systems.  ...

  10. Smoke ventilation installation – Fit for purpose?

    ... second of the three part series exploring smoke control and fire safety in buildings from a contractors’ perspective, Will Perkins Group ... specialist, SE Controls, looks at installation issues, regulations and compliance. ...


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