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Fire Marshal Training


Fire Marshal Training is required as a function of fire safety legislation which requires that adequate fire safety training for all staff must be provided. 
The  Responsible Person or Duty Holder has the responsibility to manage fire safety within an organisation. To assist  the implementation of good fire safety policy,procedure and practice the duty holder has nominated persons(The  Fire Marshal).  The Fire Marshal requires appropriate training   to include induction practice, procedure and instruction. This will include showing new staff the fire exits , explaining fire safety arrangements within the environment, instruction, and explanation on what to do in the event of a fire  and emergency  
Means of Escape supplies a range of Fire Safety and First Aider Jerkins, which ensure authority figures remain conspicuous during evacuation. These can be viewed on our website.
Means of Escape’s ‘Guide to the Nominated Person’  sets out a step by step guide for the nominated person in every business.

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