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Fire Escape Plans



Whilst the concept of simplicity in evacuation map design is easy to grasp, Silver Bear's experience has shown that most companies fail to provide plans that will help those familiar and unfamiliar with the buildings layout to quickly and safely evacuate the premises. The typical approaches of using architectural floor plans or text instructions often fail to do anything other than confuse and delay safe evacuation.

Silver Bear's escape plans, not only meet current and emerging standards but also represent the best in plan design, enabling the reader to quickly orient themselves to their location within the building and easily locate emergency equipment and exits, saving time and lives.

Our clear and simple plans provide a more dynamic image that facilitates faster, easier to recognise and more intelligibly perceptible and useful information than other escape solutions currently in use. The translation between our plans and text based plans can be difficult and time consuming, especially for children, elderly. Every second that the occupant is delayed increases the risk that they lose their life.

Created directly from your existing floor plans, our professional fire escape plans are superior to anything else available today. Our experience in designing and developing evacuation solutions can also be applied to bringing your existing plans up to date, proving you with a clearer, more accurate and understandable solution than is currently in use.

Silver Bear Fire specialise in the development of fire safety drawings and services for those responsible for fire safety with the sole intention of making your workplace a safer environment.

We are dedicated to producing clear, easy to follow visual instructions on what to do in a fire, pre event training and post event staff accountability. We have a wide range of clients, including hotels, schools, hospitals, offices, care homes and housing associations and provide fire escape plans for hundreds of buildings every year.

For further information please contact:

Paul Moor
Silver Bear Fire

T:0845 689 0269
Email: [email protected]

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