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Fire Advice and Fire Information from Means of Escape
The Means of Escape Publication offers advice and opinion on fire safety management, building components and all the fire safety arrangements need to comply with fire safety legislation. The Means of Escape advice will try to help and assist those that are nominated to be responsible for fire safety within the built environment
The Means of Escape has split the duties of those nominated as responsible into 6 main areas... Prevention, Escape, Confinement, Communication, Suppression and Contingency Planning. The Means of Escape advice and opinion will also cover important aspects of care for the environment, BS EN ISO 14001, Quality Assurance, BS EN ISO 9001 and embrace the rigours of the management principles outlined in OSHAS 18001

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  1. Do you know your fire door facts?

    ... legal obligations and accurate installation of fire doors.  In an effort to help reduce safety hazards to tenants for poorly ...

  2. Minister opens centre of excellence in fire safety

    Minister for the Fire and Rescue Services Brandon Lewis today opened a new centre of excellence in fire safety following an investment by leading testing and consulting ...

  3. New Guidance on Waste Fires released

    ... with the information and standards they need to reduce fire risk. ...

  4. Building guidance confounds fire sector experts

    The Fire Sector Federation (FSF) and Construction Industry Council (CIC) are ... to complex and inconsistent language, which has left even fire sector experts confused. ...

  5. Business Continuity Management Training Guide

    ... to Business Continuity Management providing guidance and advice to organisations. Image:  Sponsored by:  Fire UK Ltd File:  Business Continuity Management.pdf ...

  6. Warehousing and Logistics Fire Safety Management

    There is ample evidence to show that modern logistics practice, while providing significant cost and time saving for retail and b2b distribution, have created significant risks to the concentration of assets represented by very...

  7. FSF releases guidance following Local Acts repeal

    The Fire Sector Federation has released a guidance note which provides advice to those who may be considering the removal of fire safety measures that were incorporated into existing buildings under the ...

  8. Evacuating a tall building

    Emergency scenarios can’t be predicted; however the thought of descending several flights of stairs in a high-rise building for a person with a mobility impairment can be a very daunting prospect, knowing in most emergency...

  9. EAPFP backs European guide to intumescent coatings for constructional steel

    ... The European Association for Passive Fire Protection ( EAPFP) has joined with CEPE (the European Council of paint, ...

  10. EMS Innovates the market!

    ... underpinned by unrivalled technical expertise and advice.    ...


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