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Fire Advice and Fire Information from Means of Escape
The Means of Escape Publication offers advice and opinion on fire safety management, building components and all the fire safety arrangements need to comply with fire safety legislation. The Means of Escape advice will try to help and assist those that are nominated to be responsible for fire safety within the built environment
The Means of Escape has split the duties of those nominated as responsible into 6 main areas... Prevention, Escape, Confinement, Communication, Suppression and Contingency Planning. The Means of Escape advice and opinion will also cover important aspects of care for the environment, BS EN ISO 14001, Quality Assurance, BS EN ISO 9001 and embrace the rigours of the management principles outlined in OSHAS 18001

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  1. Rising concern regarding defective Passive Fire Protection Systems, and their potential to result in a multi-fatality fire

    ... highlights the growing concerns expressed within the Fire Safety Profession regarding defective passive fire protection systems.  ...

  2. Guide for fire systems in flat conversions

    The FIA has published a ‘Guide to fire detection and fire alarms in houses converted to flats’. ...

  3. 5 Day Fire Risk Assessor Training

    ... who have been given the responsibility of managing fire safety in their workplace. A highly practical 5 day in depth course with ... Advise of fire fighting access requirements Give advice on construction site fire safety requirements. 2017 Dates & ...

  4. A guide to choosing the right portable fire extinguisher

    The purpose of this guide is to give basic advice on selecting extinguishers for you to assess that the cover you already ... for is appropriate. Produced in association with the UK Fire Association.  Image:  Sponsored by:  ...

  5. NEBOSH Conversion to Fire Manager Certificate

    The Fire Manager Certificate is awarded to candidates who have successfully completed the NEBOSH Cert in Fire Safety and Risk Management and this Conversion Course. What will I ... Advise on fire fighting access requirements Give advice on construction site fire safety requirements Apply for Fire ...

  6. Fire detection for all

    ... came into force on 31 December 2013. Here, Peter Lackey, Fire Product Marketing Manager at ADT Fire & Security offers advice on how to ensure a system addresses the needs of the hard of hearing.  ...

  7. Fire Safety Services expands Bedford Head Office

    ... the Mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson officially opened Fire Safety Services newly acquired premises in Kempston, Bedford and visited ...

  8. Fire Risk Assessors Demonstrate Competence

    The Fire Risk Assessment Quality Assurance Scheme (FRACS Company) certification has been awarded to BB7 Fire Safety Engineering, based at Chatham Dockyard, Kent. ...

  9. Fire Safety Information

    Fire Safety Information, Fire Safety Product News, Fire safety Product Development. Means of Escape ... The Means of Escape does not give in depth technical advice or information rather a brief overview of technical advancement, ...

  10. Fire Sector Federation ready for action

    ...  Though originally established in 2010 as the Fire Sector Partnership, the organisation has now agreed a constitution and ... following a merger with the Federation of British Fire Organisations (FOBFO).   ...


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