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Fire Advice and Fire Information from Means of Escape
The Means of Escape Publication offers advice and opinion on fire safety management, building components and all the fire safety arrangements need to comply with fire safety legislation. The Means of Escape advice will try to help and assist those that are nominated to be responsible for fire safety within the built environment
The Means of Escape has split the duties of those nominated as responsible into 6 main areas... Prevention, Escape, Confinement, Communication, Suppression and Contingency Planning. The Means of Escape advice and opinion will also cover important aspects of care for the environment, BS EN ISO 14001, Quality Assurance, BS EN ISO 9001 and embrace the rigours of the management principles outlined in OSHAS 18001

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  1. ASFP to host Passive Fire Protection Zone at Firex International

    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) will be welcoming visitors to the ASFP Passive Fire Protection Zone, at Firex International in London’s ExCel on 21-23 June. ...

  2. Issues, remedies & solutions

    Issues that affect fire safety within the modern built environment were discussed at the ASFP ...

  3. Why As-fitted Drawings are necessary

    (BS5839-1:2013 Clause 40.2 (c) – AS-FITTED DRAWINGS)

  4. PFPF praises fire safety initiatives

    Recognition of the need to improve fire safety compliance in the built environment is growing as fire industry initiatives gather pace, says the Passive Fire Protection ...

  5. ASFP launches new website

    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has launched a new website which features a ... the visitor experience to ensure they find the passive fire protection advice and information they need. ...

  6. BM TRADA demonstrates the benefits of passive fire protection at Firex International

    ... 2014 to bring to life the benefits of effective passive fire protection (PFP). ...

  7. Fire Chiefs Warn of Continuing Fancy Dress Risk

    The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is warning people about the dangers of ...

  8. Another STEP forward for Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd. We are now trading as EVACCESS.

    We have a new brand and website which we are really excited about and hope you will be to. Our expertise and service is excellent and we wanted our brand to more clearly reflect who we are and what we deliver.

  9. Fire Sector Federation questions the impact of devolution on fire safety

    Speaking at the Fire Sector Summit on 4 November, Fire Sector Federation (FSF) Chairman Brian Robinson will be examining the impact of devolution on national fire safety and outlining a series of fire sector concerns about the future of ...

  10. Arson is a crime and should be reported to the police

    At the beginning of Arson Awareness week, the Arson Prevention Forum has issued 'Top Ten' messages to cut down the risk of arson.


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