F1 fire demonstrates importance of fire safety training

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F1 fire demonstrates importance of fire safety training



Nigel Walton, Chairman at IFEDA said: "Watching the way the team members used the portable fire extinguishers, demonstrated that they knew both how to react to a fire, and how to operate the portable extinguishers to maximum effect. Obviously F1 members are used to working incredibly well as a team, and the way in which they tackled the fire demonstrated this."

 Walton continued: "For businesses, having the most suitable fire extinguisher for the hazard they are protecting, and ensuring all staff are adequately trained in how to use them can make a big impact in first aid fire fighting, helping to keep a fire undercontrol."

 IFEDA, the Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association, aims to improve standardswithin the fire industry; this includes championing the use of professionallyinstalled and serviced fire extinguishers, in addition to fire safety training.

 IFEDA can be contacted on 0844 225 1800, further details about IFEDA can be found at www.ifeda.org.

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