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Evacuation Chair Training



Since evacuation chairs form the basis for emergency evacuation of mobility impaired persons throughout the world, it is important that all operators are trained to use the chair correctly therefore complying with health and safety regulations. So why do evacuation chairs require so much training? In the event of an emergency would you trust your friend, colleague or loved one to be evacuated by an untrained person? The time to evacuate can be shorter than you think in some circumstances; a time conscious evacuation may make all the difference in an emergency.  Certificated training and on-going practice is imperative to ensure that the person being assisted during an evacuation is reassured that they are in the hands of highly competent individuals.

Circumstances where evacuation chairs are/have been used vary significantly. Fire, terrorist attacks, climate change activity; such as floods and tornadoes are typical circumstances where people may need to be either evacuated or in some circumstances invacuated into the basement areas to avoid impact damage from external threats.

Evac+Chair provide comprehensive training and education to ensure the effective use of its products, instilling confidence and safety to disabled or mobility impaired users and those assisting. An Evac+Chair Key Trainer Master Class Course is a 6 hour session and designed for those employers who wish to disseminate a high standard of Evac+Chair training to their workforce.

A typical evacuation chair training session will involve a Trainer - highly qualified in fire risk management providing answers and information to questions concerning emergency evacuation, transfer techniques, fire protected routes and refuge areas. The Trainer will provide a structured hands-on training course, each delegate will learn to operate and occupy the evacuation chair. The emphasis will always be upon safety and at no point would any person be expected to lift, carry or bear the weight of their colleague. Emergency evacuation chairs work on the basis of the afore-mentioned concerns in terms of manual handling, so full compliance with regulations will be demonstrated and practiced. Typically, the session will consist of elements of deployment, movement, stair descent, travel to assembly area and assisted transfer. Upon satisfactory completion of all exercises, the participant will be formally certificated as competent and be required to make themselves available during fire drills.

An employee who receives the Evac+Chair Key Trainer Masterclass © training can then competently train other employees within the workplace; this is a cost effective method of training staff on large or multi-site operations.

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