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Escape-Chair®: your choice in evacuation chairs

The Escape-Chair® is a solution for evacuating people to safety in a seated position down and/or up a flight of stairs. Think of people with reduced mobility, who cannot use the stairs in case of an emergency. This can happen to anyone: yourself, colleagues and also visitors. Make sure to always be prepared for an emergency evacuation.

Why a powered evacuation chair?

The newest addition to our range of quality evacuation chairs is the new Escape-Chair® VOLT. This is an electric powered evacuation chair designed for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Here’s why you should choose for the Escape-Chair® VOLT:

  • Can transfer both up and down the stairs
  • User friendly display control panel
  • 3 different speed descents to choose from
  • Operating handle adjustable in 3 different heights
  • Can be handled and operated by 1 person
  • Easy handling for the operator as the chair will carry weight
  • Includes a rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to 2 hours
  • Equipped with LED lights for dark environments

Make it part of your emergency plan

Our evacuation specialists are happy to provide you with advice on which solution fits best for your organisation. We’ll come to your organisation to provide a FREE demonstration on evacuation equipment. Call us at 0844 800 1775 and we’ll help you out. For more information visit

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