Ecocell® evacuation lift: Complete peace of mind

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Ecocell® evacuation lift: Complete peace of mind



The Morris Vermaport Ecocell® evacuation lift is not only the most cost effective ‘Evacuation Lift’ solution available but now incorporates a built in voltmeter for easy battery monitoring ensuring complete peace of mind for the Building Manager or Fire Officer.

Historically, evacuation lifts have been over-looked as a common method of emergency egress due to the prohibitive cost of installing a secondary power supply such as a generator or additional cabling. However the MV Ecocell® uniquely utilises its own set of batteries that are neatly installed at the top of the lift shaft and are able to run the lift for well over 100 journeys in the event of a power failure.  The additional cost of installing an Ecocell® evacuation lift is only approx £5K more than a standard lift. A majority of this cost can be negated due to the savings made on purchasing alternative evacuation equipment.

Ian Lilley, Business Development Manager for Morris Vermaport Ltd comments “ The last 12 months has seen us continue to achieve excellent sales growth with The Ecocell®, particularly when used for evacuation purposes as Architects, Consultants and End User Clients increasingly become more aware of the unique benefits and cost savings available.

We are continuing to develop the product with features such as the voltmeter. Having spoken to many Fire/Safety Officers and Building Managers over the last few months, it became apparent one of their main concerns was knowing whether their evacuation lift would actually work should it be needed.

Many back-up generators are not serviced or started regularly enough and turning the lift power supply off to check auto change-over switches is inconvenient in the main.

The added benefit of a built in voltmeter, is that the battery level can now be visually checked and recorded on a regular basis giving additional peace of mind and security”.

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