CIF engineer appointed Vice Chair of the PFPF

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CIF engineer appointed Vice Chair of the PFPF



Chiltern International Fire’s Ross Newman has been appointed Vice Chair of the Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF).

Ross will join a new executive team which has been formed following the retirement of long-standing Chairman David Sugden. The new team, which has extensive experience of the passive fire protection sector, will comprise Chair Mike Wood, Vice Chair Ross Newman and Niall Rowan, who will head up the Federation’s Strategy Group.

Ross, who was already in the PFPF’s Strategy Group, is the ideal choice for Vice Chair. He has worked in the passive fire resistance testing and assessment sector since 2004 and is a member of the UK Fire Test Study Group. He has an extensive knowledge of both British and European standards and represents CIF on a range of national and European committee meetings, playing a key role in developing a number of British and European standards.

Speaking about his appointment, Ross says: “The PFPF is dedicated to growing awareness of fire protection and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Since its formation in 1995, it has campaigned to raise the profile of passive fire protection and is recognised industry-wide as an authoritative body which can offer independent advice and guidance on the, design, performance, installation and maintenance of passive fire protection products.

“I am passionate about raising standards in the manufacture and installation of passive fire protection products. In taking on the role of Vice Chair, I hope to raise general awareness of the importance of passive fire protection and highlight the role of third party certification in ensuring that passive fire protection products are fit for purpose and properly installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 

“Third party certification is wholly based on suitably tested and assessed products and is an effective and independent means of confirming; quality, reliability and safety.”

Ross’s appointment highlights CIF’s dedication to improving standards across the fire industry and educating the public about their fire safety responsibilities, as well as promoting a greater understanding of the role played by passive fire protection products as part of an holistic fire safety strategy.

CIF is a member of a number of trade associations including the PFPF, Association for Specialist Fire Protection, Fire Sector Federation, Glass and Glazing Federation, Door and Hardware Federation and Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers' Association. It also plays an active role on European and British standards committees and in the UK Fire and Test Study Group and EGOLF, the main representative body in Europe for third party, independent and nationally recognised organisations involved  in fire safety testing, inspection and certification activities. 


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  1. CIF engineer appointed Vice Chair of the PFPF

    ... Chiltern International Fire’s Ross Newman has been appointed Vice Chair of the Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF). ...

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