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Bigger, Better and More Accessible



The Means of Escape is approaching its 16th Birthday and to start the celebrations, we are getting bigger and better! In response to audience and advertising, we needed more space for fire safety information; plus our readership needs access across multiple platforms so we have redesigned and reformatted the Means of Escape website.

The website experts assure me that the user experience will be much improved and that navigation and access experience will be enhanced. We sincerely hope that will be the case and that you will find a lot more to keep your interest, whether this may be, industry news, industry events or training day or if you seek training guide material.

The Means of Escape has the key objective to host as much information as it can so that the user can search for past and present information, with active links to resource and source of further information, technical specifications and detail available.

The recent fires in tall buildings in the Middle East Australia and Grenfell Tower in the UK has focused minds on better maintenance of fire safety arrangements, demanding better attention for building that require refurbishment and upgrade. The use of both decorative and protective cladding will be the subject of extreme scrutiny. Means of Escape will be an association of ideas that will automatically conjure thoughts of those that were trapped and indeed died at Grenfell.

So, 2018, we look forward to being a valuable resource for those wishing to make improvements in fire safety arrangement, construction passive fire and most important fire safety management principles and practice.    

Jim Creak

Editor of Means of Escape 

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    ... The Means of Escape is approaching its 16 th Birthday and to start the celebrations, we are getting bigger and better! Author name:  MeansofEscape ...

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