Are Your Firestop Products Fit for Purpose? - How to Choose the Right Firestop Products for Your Application

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Are Your Firestop Products Fit for Purpose? - How to Choose the Right Firestop Products for Your Application



Universal “off the shelf” firestop products – are they safe to use?

Selecting and installing a fit for purpose fire stop system in new and existing buildings can be a minefield. Getting it wrong can have potential devastating consequences and loss of live. Universal, off the shelf products, whose labels offer ‘Up to x hours’ universal fire resistance to all your fire stopping problems are often misleading and don’t actually highlight the limited circumstances in which the declared fire resistance can be achieved. Therefore, for reliable firestop resistance applications you must choose the right products that are fit for purpose.

 Identifying the correct products is a responsibility which is not confined only to the specialist sub-contractor. All parties involved from the Main Contactors to Architects and building owners and managers must have confidence that their passive firestop installation is compliant


What can I do to carry out my due diligence with respect to installing the correct system?

 The Firestop Selector is a series of questions designed to help you identify the right solution for your requirements. The outcome of the questionnaire will lead you to the correct product selection based on Protecta's diagnostic firestop toolkit.

To Include:

 1. Installation instructions with illustrated drawings showing tested solutions with fire ratings, maximum dimensions and various service types and sizes detailed.

 2. Protecta PFP Handbook containing detail architectural drawings.

 3. Protecta Phone App – Intended for site use when you need help fast or verification that a seal is compliant. To give you a piece of mind and confidence in your applications you can have an instant access to the latest product data fire test results.

 4. How to... Installation guide videos.

 5. Customer success helpline - A dedicated team of technical managers to call when outside the scope of testing.

Comprehensive Passive Fire Protection Systems

PROTECTA® develop and supply some of the most comprehensive Passive Fire Protection systems in the industry today. All products are developed and manufactured in the UK by its parent company Polyseam Ltd. who have over 25 years of tradition in manufacturing products for premium quality brands and world's leading suppliers of fire protection and construction products. Our comprehensive manufacturing experience, proficiencies, research and development and test programmes are supported by our quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

 Through our fire research facility in Norway, our team of specialists’ put all products through the toughest tests to ensure they are produced to the highest standards. Further tests and on-going developments are conducted in co-operation with major laboratories such as UL, SP, EXOVA and BRE. Polyseam is also a full member of the ASFP.

Protecta Latest Product Development - Live Seminar Event

Join us on Monday the 18th June at the O2 Intercontinental Hotel to launch the largest upgrade of the Protecta Mobile App and learn about the new development in our CE marked firestop range.

If you are interested in attending the Protecta Passive Fire Protection Seminar, please contact us at:  [email protected] or call : +44 (0) 207 947 4124

To find out more about our company: call +44(0)207 947 4123.

Published June 2018

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  1. Are Your Firestop Products Fit for Purpose? - How to Choose the Right Firestop Products for Your Application

    Universal “off the shelf” firestop productsare they safe to use? Author name:  Polyseam ...

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