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For almost 20 years, Means of Escape/Egress has hosted the exchange of knowledge and stories between the ‘responsible persons’ of the: fire, health, safety, emergency, and disaster management community.

In this time, we have made our mark as a portal for ‘internationally recognised standards’; ‘good or best practice’. We collaborate with: architects, firefighters, safety officers, risk assessors, and many more. In turn, bringing quality: guidance, news, training guides, events, newsletters, products and suppliers, to our audience of 15,000 industry professionals.

We are a trustworthy source for guidance, working with professionals to advise our audience on how best to navigate our industry, as standards for compliance evolve.

As a beacon for #lifesafety news; we feature a mixture of your thought provoking stories, legislation updates and product releases, all in the name of keeping our 14,000 monthly visitors up to date with the most pertinent information.

A collective of industry specialists have provided us with various training guides to give our visitors, step by step instructions of meanings of fire safety signs, fire evacuation drills, buying portable extinguishers, and training a responsible person to name a few topics.

Means of Escape/Egress arranges events, and promotes quality collaborative training or networking for your company.

We release a monthly newsletter to send updates straight to over 5,000 subscribers.

From our popular 'Fire Safety Audit Guide', to our 'Evacuation ‘A’ Boards' we have a selection of products of standard that are backed by customer reviews.

Our Supplier directory features hundreds of verified companies with credible products and services that our visitors can rely on.

For more information on the advertising opportunities, Means of Escape/Egress can provide for you, please click here  to view our Media Pack.

Our pursuit of exploring the scope of the term ‘means of escape’ underpins all that we do. With your help, we are constantly building on the definitions found in the Approved Document B (1985) which states that the term means moving, “…from the building to a place of safety outside the building” whilst at risk, and the Regulatory Reform Order (2005) which describes ensuring that, “…routes to emergency exits from premises and the exits themselves are kept clear at all times” as the meaning.

Our content proves time and time again that #lifesafety ultimately depends on the ‘means of escape’, despite: communication, prevention, confinement, suppression, and contingency planning before and during an emergency. Do you have quality safety signs that can guide you towards the means of escape, even after loss of power? Once you get there, has the means of escape been maintained to ensure that it is obstruction free? What part does lack of public training, knowledge and confidence have on loss of life?

Our ultimate mission is to work with our community to flesh out issues and come up with solutions together to keep the worlds’ building, vessel and aircraft occupants with an accessible ‘means of escape’.


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Search results

  1. Fire alarms and human behaviour

    Wrightstyle is an international glass and steel glazing company.  Jane Embury, the company’s marketing director, looks at human behaviour when a fire alarm sounds. Author name:  Wrightstyle

  2. The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association with the London Fire Brigade will run a one day, free-to-attend seminar

    “Fire protection in multi storey buildings  where we work, eat, rest and play” Monday 4 th December London Fire Brigade HQ, 169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL Author name:  BAFSA

  3. New partnership helping fire services share knowledge and research

    The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the Fire Service College (FSC), have come together to form a new research and development partnership.

  4. Spectrum Healthcare Launches New Evacuation Devices

    SKI SLIDE PAD At Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd we work closely with healthcare professionals and organisations to make sure we understand and can respond to the needs of our customers.

  5. Wrightstyle looks at fire risk in high rise buildings

    Wrightstyle is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of advanced steel and aluminium glazing systems, supplying fire and blast resistant systems worldwide.   Tim Kempster, Wrighstyle’s MD takes a look at fire safety in...

  6. Year of celebration ahead as London Fire Brigade marks 150th anniversary

    To celebrate 150 years of service to the capital, London Fire Brigade has released an illustrated history of the Brigade and an online video for children to ensure future generations know who to call when they are in danger. ...

  7. Issues, remedies & solutions

    Issues that affect fire safety within the modern built environment were discussed at the ASFP Parliamentary seminar on 4 December, 2013.

  8. **Exclusive from Fireco** How Residents Made Access Easier in 25 Minutes

    Adlington House, based in Cheshire, is an apartment block designed for older people. The residents live in private flats, and continue to live independently, with the reassurance of tailored care and support available if...

  9. Sprinklers will help preserve the world's most famous warship for generations

    It is the most famous warship in the world and for years reigned supreme on the high seas, terrifying enemy fleets as it hoved into view.

  10. Are Your Firestop Products Fit for Purpose? - How to Choose the Right Firestop Products for Your Application

    Universal “off the shelf” firestop products – are they safe to use? Author name:  Polyseam


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