4 Day Managing Fire Safety

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4 Day Managing Fire Safety

Event Description

For those who have successfully completed Vulcan’s 5 Day Fire Risk Assessor Course this 4 Day module enables delegates, upon successful completion, to be awarded the prestigious Fire Manager Certificate and be eligible to apply to the Institute of Fire Safety Manager (IFSM) or the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) for Fire Technician grade of membership

Who should attend

Fire Safety Managers, Facilities Managers, Risk Managers, Surveyors, Consultants and Health and Safety practitioners and those looking for a professional, nationally-recognised, fire safety management qualification who have been awarded the Vulcan 5 Day Fire Risk Assessor Certificate.

On completion of the course you will be better able to:

  • Interpret fire safety legislation and its requirements.
  • Implement an effective fire safety management structure
  • Set up and manage an effective fire awareness training scheme
  • Identify and control major fire hazards by setting up a programme of inspections and assessments
  • Identify hazards and any fire safety management deficiencies
  • Confidently and competently conduct effective fire risk assessments
  • Maintain fire records, documentation and fire emergency plan
  • Compile fire risk assessment reports
  • Compile and manage fire emergency plans
  • Advise on improvements to control measures in reducing the risk of fire
  • Advise on fire-fighting access requirements
  • Give advice on construction site fire safety requirements.

Dates & Locations:

  • 31 January-3 February: Northampton
  • 28 February - 3 March: Warrington
  • 7-10 March: Slough
  • 27-30 March: Paisley, Glasgow
  • 25-28 April: Northampton
  • 23-26 May: Warrington
  • 30 May - 2 June: Slough
  • 20-23 June: Northampton
  • 17-20 July: Warrington
  • 19-22 September: Northampton
  • 26-29 September: Paisley, Glasgow
  • 24-27 October: Warrington
  • 7-10 November: Slough
  • 27-30 November: Northampton
  • 5-8 December: Warrington

For more information or to book your place on the curse please visit Vulcan Fire Training


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