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Fire safety training is vital and should include fire safety aspects such as how to use fire fighting equipment, advice regarding the evacuation procedure, and special arrangements for disabled persons . The Means of Escape directory holds contact details for fire safety training companies. Click here.

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  1. FFE Launches Ambitious New Partner Programme

    Comprehensive programme for its Talentum optical flame detectors

  2. Are you fully prepared for an emergency evacuation?

    We are all acutely aware of our responsibilities to ensure every person within our building is able to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.  If someone suffers from some form of mobility issue, provision...

  3. C-TEC Launches New Interactive Website

    C-TEC’s new interactive website is here!  

  4. Introducing The TAGEVAC System

    ... TAGEVAC enables any customer develop an effective, zoned fire evacuation system to meet their own specific requirements. It provides clarity to Emergency Planning, effective training of Fire Wardens and uses an established methodology recognised and ...

  5. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, advises Evacusafe

    Whilst a fire is a rare event, it’s worth remembering the impact it can cause. ...

  6. Flexible scene enhancement provides clear images in highly critical environments

    Firefighters rely on reliable technology to perform demanding tasks: locating people in a smoke filled room, finding their way through smoke and dark areas... Luckily, thermal imaging cameras can support them in a lot of...

  7. Advanced Panels Protect the Eighth Wonder of The World

    ... of global importance has been protected with an Advanced fire system. ...

  8. World famous restaurant enjoys Advanced protection

    ... the world-renowned Ivy, is now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced. ...

  9. Leading London Property Company Selects Advanced

    ... commercial property management companies has selected fire systems from Advanced to protect its landmark buildings as part of a ...

  10. Famous Restaurant, Sexy Fish, Enjoys Advanced Protection

    ... Ivy and Sexy Fish, are now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced. ...


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