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Fire safety training is vital and should include fire safety aspects such as how to use fire fighting equipment, advice regarding the evacuation procedure, and special arrangements for disabled persons . The Means of Escape directory holds contact details for fire safety training companies. Click here.

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  1. FPA opens new Research and Testing Facility

    The Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation, has opened a new fire testing and experimental facility in Gloucestershire, where their team of ...

  2. Good seal bad seal

    ... to install, maintain or re-instate a building’s fire compartmentation should be aware of Regulation 7 of The Building ...

  3. How to evacuate a multi-storey building

    When it comes to evacuating multi-storey buildings, all companies and organisations open to the public, including schools need to be prepared for any eventuality to get everyone out safely.

  4. FIA qualifications launch at FIREX a huge success

    The Fire Industry Association (FIA) officially launched their new qualifications in fire detection and alarms at FIREX (held at ExCel, London). ...

  5. ASFP seeks support for developing operable curtains guidance

    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is seeking assistance from individuals, manufacturers ... involved in the manufacture and installation of operable fire and smoke curtains to assist it in developing independent guidance on the ...

  6. Who's peeping?

    ... the potential of being left in your workplace which is on fire whilst all your work colleagues gather outside at an ultimate place of ...

  7. Kitchen Suppression Systems

    ... can have a much greater impact than just the damage the fire itself can cause. ...

  8. Bespoke design v standardisation in smoke control for high rise buildings

    By Ben Meek, Design Manager / Fire Engineer at SCS Group Imagine designing a fire alarm system for an office or residential building from first principles: ...

  9. New Means of Escape Guide FREE to download

    A Guide to Workplace Drills is the latest guidance document to be added to the Means of Escape website, and it is free to download, today.

  10. Competent?

    Just occasionally something stands out as being wrong, maybe an element of the systems design, an installation issue, poor maintenance or a system that has not been modified to reflect changes to building layout.


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