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  1. FPA opens new Research and Testing Facility

    The Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation, has opened a new fire testing and experimental facility in ...

  2. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, advises Evacusafe

    Whilst a fire is a rare event, it’s worth remembering the impact it can cause. ...

  3. Glass company calls for better education and enforcement

    ... Northern Ireland, he wants to see greater understanding of fire-resistant glazing in the building industry. ...

  4. Bespoke design v standardisation in smoke control for high rise buildings

    By Ben Meek, Design Manager / Fire Engineer at SCS Group Imagine designing a fire alarm system for an office or residential building from first principles: ...

  5. Who's peeping?

    ... the potential of being left in your workplace which is on fire whilst all your work colleagues gather outside at an ultimate place of safety as being a nightmare prospect, then you may wish to consider the ...

  6. Competent?

    Just occasionally something stands out as being wrong, maybe an element of the systems design, an installation issue, poor maintenance or a system that has not been modified to reflect changes to building layout.

  7. Advanced Panels Chosen to Protect £140 Million Tyne Tunnels

    ... the Tyne Tunnels are being protected by industry-leading fire panels and extinguishant control systems from Advanced. ...

  8. Kitchen Suppression Systems

    ... can have a much greater impact than just the damage the fire itself can cause. ...

  9. The sky’s the limit for Morley-IAS and Project Airseeker

    Designed to provide real time surveillance and analysis to personnel in the air and on the ground, Project Airseeker, based at RAF Waddington, uses Boeing RC-135V/W Rivet Joint aircraft to gather data and vital intelligence...

  10. Introducing The TAGEVAC System

    ... TAGEVAC enables any customer develop an effective, zoned fire evacuation system to meet their own specific requirements. It provides clarity to Emergency Planning, effective training of Fire Wardens and uses an established methodology recognised and ...


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