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Fire Regulations


Fire Regulations, Fire Certificates and Fire Regulation Updates from Means of Escape
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and regulations made under it, covers the provision of process fire precautions which are intended to prevent the outbreak of a fire or minimise the consequences should one occur. The law requires the employer to carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace, identify the significant findings of the risk assessment and the details of anyone who might be especially at risk in case of fire and provide and maintain such fire precautions as are necessary to safeguard those who use your workplace and provide information, instruction and training to employees about the fire precautions in your workplace.

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  1. Smoke Control – Keep Safe & Carry On

    “Safety First” – an idiom, a cliché, an expression we all know but maybe don’t give too much thought to. But in a world that’s always changing, it’s a mantra that’s best not forgotten,

  2. It’s a ‘Lean & Mean’ Voice Alarm Machine! 4EVAC’s debuts its Compact 500 Voice Alarm at FIREX 2017

    ... the exacting specifications required to meet contemporary fire and life safety protection. ...

  3. Should smoke control systems operate automatically in firefighting mode?

    When firefighters arrive at a live fire situation, they simply don’t have time to deal with complex override ...

  4. Emergency Warning System For Wembley Arena Construction Site

    ... The Wembley system enables any worker to give a warning if a fire or other dangerous incident occurs. It consists of six E2S 120dB sounders ...

  5. Impressive achievement: Automist Smartscan receives highest distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016!

    Automist Smartscan by Plumis is one of this year’s outstanding products: The Red Dot jury was enthused, and awarded Automist Smartscan a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

  6. High Performance Optical Technology Comes of Age

    ... technology can significantly influence the outcome of a fire emergency. With users trusting people’s lives first and foremost, as ...

  7. How to wake deaf friends and not alienate people

    ... Fiona, who is Deaf, woke up surrounded by her mother, a fire-fighter and the hotel manager. No, this wasn't some kind of weird dream. The hotel’s fire alarm had been set off and the building was evacuated. ...

  8. 'Protecting Escape routes: Smoke shafts v pressurisation'

    Pressurisation is one of the possible solutions to provide smoke ventilation in escape stairs, common lobbies and corridors in residential buildings as required by Approved Document B and is recommended for buildings taller...

  9. Aico launches ControlFacts App for new alarm controller

    Following on from the success of its Handyfacts App which has more than 9,500 users, Aico has launched the Controlfacts App dedicated to its innovative new RadioLINK Alarm Controller.  The App is available for Android and...

  10. Aico's RadioLink provides council with simple smoke alarm system upgrade

    Sheffield City Council has changed its smoke alarm specification for maisonettes to feature Aico’s RadioLINK mains powered smoke alarms, which provide wireless alarm interconnection. 


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