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Don’t let a Fire be a Deaf Trap

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Don’t let a Fire be a Deaf Trap



There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss according to Action on Hearing. With over 65 million people in the UK this means that 1 in 6 will not be able to hear or recognise a fire alarm.

As a hearing person we take it for granted that we will hear a fire alarm and follow the evacuation procedure, but how vulnerable would you or your visitors feel if the fire alarm was activated and they were totally unaware.

We have spent 17 years involved in the process of helping the deaf and hard of hearing become alerted to a fire alarm activation and were very interested by findings that almost all the people within this sector use mobile phones for SMS text messaging and other social media. More importantly research has proven that hearing impaired people do not wish to carry a pager as they are old technology, old fashioned & draw attention to themselves.

Our Hearing Fire Alert System (pictured above) sends an instant message to the user’s mobile phone once they have connected to the service via the normal text rate.

The system is well accepted by all sectors of the public, in addition fire marshals and wardens can also receive a fire alert wherever they are and in some cases this may even avoid a full evacuation. The unit is very simple to install and each one comes complete with door /window stickers and a reception desk stand showing how to connect to the system. Normally just one unit is required per building.

The HFAS (Hearing Fire Alert System) is the cheapest and most user friendly system available, costing less than a cup of coffee per day*.

It is currently installed campus wide in a number of major Universities / Colleges in both academic and residential sites plus many of well known government, retail and major commercial buildings.  Each unit is CE marked and comes in an IP65 rated case and is British made. The system does not require a separate power supply unit due to its low proven output. 

Visit for more details about this excellent compliant system.  *(based upon the initial cost plus the annual subscription over 3 years) at major coffee stores.

We are pleased to offer a demonstration and a no charge site survey, email:  [email protected]

If a person is wearing headphones connected to a mobile phone the HFAS system will alert them to a fire alarm that they may not hear.  So don’t let a fire be a deaf trap

Published: May 2017

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  1. Don’t let a Fire be a Deaf Trap

    ... million people in the UK this means that 1 in 6 will not be able to hear or recognise a fire alarm. ...

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